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"Evacuation Behavior Survey for No-Notice Emergency Scenarios"

Presentation at the 93rd TRB Annual Meeting at the Traveler Behavior and Values Committee (ADB10) – Behavioral Process subcommittee; January 13, 2014

Joshua Auld, Vadim Sokolov, Rene Bautista, Angela Fontes
Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center
Argonne National Laboratory


The presentation details a survey on evacuation response behavior that was conducted as a part of the RTSTEP project. The survey was conducted as a stated-intentions survey that collects data on individual's travel patterns and then presents them with several scenarios involving emergency evacuations and asks how they would behave. The survey was innovative in the use of a web-based design allowing a high-degree of customization in the scenarios, and has provided valuable information on individual's responses to emergencies.

Presentation (PDF)