LS-PrePost Training Course

Introductory Course: Developing Compute-efficient, Quality Models with LS-PrePost 3 on the TRACC Cluster

A central point for computational structural mechanics training provides all the US organizations doing transportation related research with awareness and accessibility to the latest approaches, methods, software training and best practices that can be applied to the wide variety of transportation research needed to ensure a viable transportation infrastructure. After two successfully completed computational structural mechanics training courses early this year, the TRACC staff finalized work on the next course titled:

"Introductory Course: Developing Compute-efficient, Quality Models with LS-PrePost 3 on the TRACC Cluster"

The training course is currently not scheduled, but maybe scheduled in the future depending on demand, The LS-PrePost Introductory Course is intended primarily for finite element analysts who have prior basic knowledge of the LS-DYNA software package. The course will focus on the early stage of the model development process within LS-PrePost including geometry cleanup, mesh quality control and model checking tasks. The primary goal of the course is to introduce the capabilities of the software. The secondary goal is to show how to apply these capabilities to build computationally efficient models. All introduced techniques and tools will be illustrated through simple hands-on examples. Presentation material, including tutorial files, will be available to attendees for prior download to ease the interaction during the course. The course will also present specifics of running and tracking the LS-DYNA jobs on the TRACC cluster in our newly developed graphical mode.